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The Cheriton Talks have been a welcome feature of Saturday evenings in the dark winter months for the last six years. And a goodly sum has been raised for St Michael’s Church in the process. 

A look at the past programmes will show the wide range of subjects and the high quality of the speakers.

We are delighted to announce the following dates and speakers for the 2018 programme. The full programme will be finalised shortly. Please note that tickets will not be on sale till January 2018. How and where to apply for tickets will be made known by the end of November, but please reserve the dates in your diary.

February 10

Simon Cooper – “Life of a Chalkstream “

Simon is the Managing Director of Fishing Breaks, Stockbridge


February 17

Professor Jon Adams - ‘Shipwrecks and Drowned Landscapes: From Henry VIII’s Mary Rose to the lost worlds of the Black Sea’

Jon is Founding Director of the University of Southampton’s Centre for Maritime Archaeology and Principal Investigator on the Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project


February 24    

Lord Andrew Adonis Chair, National Infrastructure Commission. Former Transport Secretary and Schools Minister. Subject to be confirmed


March 3

Leo Austin – “Modern China”

Chairman The Jinliufu Spirits Company; Beijing , and Vice President of the holding company Vats Group – owner of 11 other distillery groups around China, as well as the country’s largest luxury spirits retail chain.


March 10

Douglas Skeggs. Subject to be confirmed